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  • I loved that the workshop gave me a writing routine, which unlocked all kinds of creative spaces. The technical aspects of the assignments made me try news things; they invited me to feel and portray different kinds of characters, and therefore expand the ways in which I look at the world around me.

    Marie Beauchamps

  • I think it's a great way to find your "writing voice" and become a better and more confident writer overall, and most of all it just makes you write, so if you're someone that needs a little push, I think it's perfect.

    Lola Dekhuijzen

  • I think that Karen is marvelous. She is straightforward and honest and earnest.

    Kathleen C.

  • Karen was great. She gave very useful information that was really personalised and I felt she took us seriously. I appreciated her calm, thorough explanations.


  • Karen was a really great head for the workshop. I could tell that she put a lot of care into her feedback and that she really started to get a sense of who we were all specifically as writers.


  • Karen has a calm, but authoritative energy. I trusted that when she said something it was well thought out, and helpful. In a few, well chosen words she manages to get a point across which will have me considering editing options for days to come.


  • I very much enjoyed Karen’s style of teaching.  She was really approachable, very quick in sending out and replying to emails and in sharing information. I believe she has a raft of experience to share with prospective writers.


  • The variety of themes and exercises was really fun and engaging. I think the best thing about this course for me was the process of receiving and acting on peer feedback in class, the discourse was refreshing and incredibly valuable.


  • I loved having the motivation to write every week, and the different styles of exercises. It was a very inclusive space and it was great to critique/receive criticism in this way. I felt challenged but supported, and enjoyed reading pieces I would not normally have found.

    Sarah Hardcastle

  • This course is so beneficial professionally and personally, as it teaches you to give constructive and honest feedback. It improves communication skills and writing skills which you can apply to your job or creatively...

    M. Boyle

  • Jennifer is a great teacher. She's really down to earth and quick off the mark. Her comments were well thought through and very compact.

    Andrew Hall

  • I thought that Jennifer gave really great, concise feedback. I loved listening to her giving feedback, not only on my pieces but with everyone else's too. Jennifer is also really easy to talk with, the discussion flowed throughout the class and it was enjoyable to come to the class and listen to what Jennifer had to say about our pieces.

    Meadhbh Boyle


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